Sandblasted or Routed

Although sandblasted signs are more expensive than ‘quick sign’ vinyl sticker style sign solutions, a sandblasted sign will last for decades. A typical vinyl sign has an exterior life expectancy of less than 5 years.

  • Adds instant elegance and attention grabbing appeal to your brand and identity.
  • Also great as monument markers, small entrance signs, mobile signs, and friendly/rustic/handmade signs.
  • You can enjoy great freedom in the look and personality of sandblasted signs because every area of these can be customized including the lettering, background and even the stand.
  • Very durable, HDU (high density urethane) mimics wood, but resists natural elements for over 25 years. HDU won’t bend, crack, or rot.
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Popular Materials Used in Sandblasted Signs


Cedar is a great sign building material because of its resistance to bugs and rot. Cedar is easily sandblasted and the resulting signs can last many years. The downside is that cedar is a natural product and no matter how much care is used in the fabrication of the cedar sign the wood is still (eventually) subject to decay. Cedar is also becoming harder to come by.

HDU (High Density Urethane)

HDU is the most popular choice of substrate for sandblasted signs today and it’s the material we use for the majority of our signs. It is impervious to insects and rot and unaffected by temperature changes. Unlike cedar, HDU is readily available, is stable, carves easily, and paints beautifully. It also looks just like wood when painted.

Popular Features & Benefits of Sandblasted Signs